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For More Suggestions & Any complaint Drop us a mail on support@nvsledwall.com

1. Our Technical Support

Complete product in providing product delivery within the timeframe. We promptyly reply to all your queries by mail or phone calls and provide 24 hours service to our customers.

2. Installation & Training

We provide free training session to everyone about NOVA Software and Led Video Processor in our head office, before purchasing the video wall. We offer free Led hardware training to every client or their operators, at free of cost, in which we educate them about how they can repair their LEDS. Our professional engineers provide led installation and training with practical knowledge both- Onsite and offsite. We offer technical support through team viewer to our customers and solve all their problems and technical issues immediately.

3. Warranty

All our products are tested to the highest quality standards.We give the warranty for, 2 years. Warranty includes all manufacturing fault or technical issue & we immediately repair and replace the particular spare parts at no cost. Warranty does not include faults from user negligence, modification or other unusual damage such as electricity fire and water damage etc. Terms Conditions apply

Spare parts and accessories are always available.Continuous Services support even after warranty.

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